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It has been a long time coming but the long awaiting DeXe Introductory Edition minted coins are here. You can head to BakerySwap for a preview of them — bids are welcome. Make sure to upvote them all, and maybe you will find one to gift to a friend.

The series increases in rarity with the#01 coin as entirely unique through to #10 having 10 minted each with a unique series number minted on the face of the coin.

The series is inspired by the upcoming DeXe Ecosystem Launch, included will be the incredible investment protocol. It really looks good…

CryptoFly News meets with OpenPredict Head of Operations, Thomas Kal to hear news of the recent TrustPredict Beta test and their forthcoming flagship product OpenMarket.


This article will give you a bunch of helpful tools to make the most of your involvement in the DeXe project. Read on my friends.

Since October 2020 the DeXe Token has risen by 3340% (Coingecko Data). Even in a bull run year, that has come to expect big returns from well established altcoins, DeXe has been seen as a massive success story.

180day graph from Coingecko
180day graph from Coingecko

Even at the current price level the DeXe token is expected to continue to do well, since the launch of the main product is yet to be announced— DeXe Investments.

Check out the links below. They are…

Here’s a big HELLO to all the DeXe Network followers out there. The CryptoFly team are super excited about the next few weeks for the DeXe project. The highly anticipated DeXe Investments Portal will be launched, and more partnerships on the horizon, and you may even see the long awaited High Farming Yields promised to those who were in the presale.

But don’t worry if you weren’t a DeXe hodler from the start there is a lot to be excited about. Here’s a quick run down of what’s happened so far:

September 2020 — TAAS Capital calme onboard as one…

On Monday the DeXe.Network announced farming DEXE and CAKE on PancakeSwap. The farming went live soon after.

If you are one of the many people who have stepped into the DeFi crypto space, then you’ll almost certainly have heard of impermanent loss. Impermanent loss is one of those terms that everyone chucks around but few people understand. Thankfully there are some really helpful ways to explain and calculate your impermanent loss when it comes to stake your LP tokens for farming. I shall explain.

Impermanent Loss

Impermanent loss happens when the price of your tokens changes compared to when you…

Something happened this morning that probably flew under your radar but, seriously, this is a gift. One of my favourite underrated DeFi projects, the DeXe Network released a reimagined build of their Wallet-to-Wallet Copying tool, which let’s you follow and automatically copy any ERC-20 wallet. Literally any. And by copy, I mean, pick a token in that wallet that’s also in yours, set your parameters and safety nets, and your wallet will automatically trade it if the target wallet trades it. You don’t need to just focus on one token either you could copy every matched token in the wallet…

This is follow on from our recent article that explains para-crypto projects and how it relates to social trading. DeXe.Network was mentioned as a good example of a para-crypto project. Here is an infographic we have designed to help see the progress of the project for anyone who might be interested.

Almost everyone in the crypto space yearns to be the expert, or at least to know enough to pre-empt market trajectory, to catch the pump before it pumps and spot the dump before it dumps. Who hasn’t? Who hasn’t thought, ‘if only I had made that trade 2hrs before, or hodled for a day longer I would’ve made more. We’ve all been there.

The original aim of Bitcoin was for currency transactions to be entirely in the hands of the transactor and transactee, cutting out the middleman. …


CryptoFly is a UK based para-crypto commentary service on decentralised finance, crypto-space and blockchain events.

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