DeXe.Network ‘The Story So Far’

Here’s a big HELLO to all the DeXe Network followers out there. The CryptoFly team are super excited about the next few weeks for the DeXe project. The highly anticipated DeXe Investments Portal will be launched, and more partnerships on the horizon, and you may even see the long awaited High Farming Yields promised to those who were in the presale.

But don’t worry if you weren’t a DeXe hodler from the start there is a lot to be excited about. Here’s a quick run down of what’s happened so far:

September 2020 — TAAS Capital calme onboard as one of the early strategic investors. Followed by a whole raft of investors and partners to help scale up the DeXe.Network project. Big news came only two days later with Moonrock Capital as a major investor. If you know anything about Moonrock Capital then you’ll know they have backed some hugely successful DeFi projects. Such as, Polkalokr, Cudos, and RAMP. Announcements were coming thick and fast in September with further news of a key partnership with Orion Protocol. With DeXe and Orion working together the opportunity for taking social trading global was a realistic proposition. Orion and DeXe remain solid partners 6 months on.

There was so much good news in September. And that’s without mentioning partnerships with ATAS, an expert, trading and analytical platform. Talk of insurance for users, and also the very important security audit undertaken by industry expert Hacken. The audit results can be viewed here.

The last thing that occurred back in September was the Token Sale, which got a lot of interest as you can imagine. But to be honest, what do you expect when the foundations for a successful project were firmly in place from day one?

October 2020 — As with a lot of new projects that do a public token sale the price goes up (c. $3–4)and then… yep you guessed it, the price goes down. Many early adopters were worried that they had bought in too high. But the team had everything under control. On the 1st October a ‘Moon or Refund’ program was announced. Promising an 80% refund to early adopters if the price remained lower than the starting price for 12 months (one year confidence program).

October also saw the introduction of Staking Rewards, plus trading available on MXC as well as Uniswap, and a detailed roadmap. Listing of the DeXe Token on 1inch was launched, and the super anticipated high farming rewards were explained.

November 2020 — By the time we got to November there was a lot of excitement building for the DeXe project. Big social media influencers such as Crypto Zombie, CryptoBusy, VoskCoin, and the very popular ‘the wolf of all streets’ Scott Melker were publicly supporting DeXe, and still are. And the Token Sale was deemed a huge success. It was time to start talking about the DeXe utility and how it would change DeFi forever. Welcome — Wallet to wallet copying! November saw the introduction of the beta W2W tool

Check out the W2W tool here and
Step by Step Introduction

December 2020 — Three massive partnerships were announced Elrond, StaFi and DexTools. This was huge for the DeXe project and really helped show that the team’s sights were set on big things. It was at this point the scale and potential for DeXe was increasing by the day. Community events started too, like the Great Christmas Giveaway and news of the Wallet2Wallet Version 2 release.

January 2021 — the new year starter magnificently with news about partnerships with NEM and DAO Maker for wider adoption and integration. And also the amazing DeXe Hero Programme to help grow the community around DeXe publicity and support -yours truly is a DeXe Hero :) But probably the biggest news in January was the announcement of trading pairs on Binance!

February 2021 — The new Wallet2Wallet version 2 was released and with it the first every DeFi Trading Competition. Results of the competition can be found here — an incredible $30,000 was given out in prizes!

March 2021 — Interest in DeXe was at an all time high in March with further news of DeXe being listed as one of the default tokens on Binance’s Smart Chain Bridge, and with it the news that DeXe tokens could be farmed on PancakeSwap and their DEXE/BUSD Liquidity Pool Tokens could earn massive yields on Beefy.Finance.

Check out my article on impermanent loss and my article on how much you can really earn with Beefy.

Although there was huge amounts of hype around the Binance Smart Chain activity probably the biggest news in March was the hint of the multi-layered Governance structure in the pipeline for DeXe in their Investments Package. There is so much to look forward to including — Token Creation by traders, Asset Swapping, and the automatic splitting of trading fees across pool members. DeXe Investment will also designate a list of safe-to-trade tokens that traders can work with. That’s one level of governance. Additionally, as a second layer of governance, each pool’s members vote on a list of assets that the pool’s specific trader can also trade. Better yet, users of DeXe Investment can take out insurance to feel extra safe even with riskier trades. Because exposure should always favor upside over downside. Read more here.

There we are DeXers. That brings us to April and just around the corner is the full investment portfolio. So here’s what to do.

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2. Take a moment to consider investing in DeXe.Network by holding their token $DEXE

3. Spread the word! Tell others about DEXE.